HSC: Should I study at USYD Library?

With HSC exams looming around the corner, thousands of students will spend hours this year studying. One of the more popular locations for a library is the USYD library, with its location and scenery. The USYD Library system consists of 8 libraries across 5 campus locations, the earliest and largest one being the Fisher Library. […]

Top 5 2021 Australian Medical Schools

Practicing medicine in Australia is a very exciting and life altering career path. Maybe you want to help improve the health and wellbeing of others. Or maybe you want to pursue a career science-dominated. Or you like the financial stability. Medicine would be a good fit for you. So, the first step would be to […]

Guide: Getting a Tutoring Job for High School Graduates

Our team consists of HSC Coaching/Private Tutoring specialists all of which are high achievers and many are state rankers

So you want to make money. But have no qualifications. Or prior experience. And want a good wage.   Well it looks like tutoring is for you! Hello prospective tutor! I’m Bob Chen, a James Ruse graduate who was in your shoes not long ago. The world after highschool is quite hazy. It’s a beautiful […]