Danny Luo

  • 99.70
  • Top 15 James Ruse Physics
  • 2020 James Ruse graduate
  • 100 in 4U Maths


  • James Ruse Graduate
  • 99.70 ATAR
  • 4U Maths | HSC: 98 | External: 100
  • English Advanced | Rank: 7th
  • Economics | HSC: 92 | Rank: 1st
  • Physics | HSC: 94 | Rank: 14

About Me

Hi! I’m Danny, a recent James Ruse graduate in 2020 and I specialise
in teaching physics to senior students. In case you missed it before, I
achieved an ATAR of 99.70

While good marks sound and look nice though, they don’t really show
the whole story. Physics wasn’t always a good subject for me, in fact I
was actually only rank 64th out of 121 people in Year 11.

How did I improve in year 12 then?

I reviewed my fundamental knowledge which I lacked in year 11 (which at
the time was mainly kinematics) and started doing more regular,
consistent practice to reinforce what I learnt. As a subject, physics is
one of those sciences where really understanding your basics, like
Newton’s three laws of motion, is vital as rote learning really won’t
get you far. That’s why taking the time to slow down and review my past
content allowed me to not only fully comprehend, but also appreciate the
fascinating science of physics. Fostering this similar appreciation and
interest in physics is also what I want to provide to my students
through teaching real world applications of theoretical knowledge in the

However, fostering an interest is only one
step in acing your physics exams. I also aim to deliver a structured but
flexible learning program to my students that suits their personal
needs so that not every lesson is the same. My own experiences teaching
at and attending various large tutoring centres highlighted to me the
need for individualised learning as the bigger classes of tutoring
companies often only skim over content to cater for more students. As
such, during my lessons I help my students really UNDERSTAND the content

  • actively engaging them with relevant questions and review quizzes to identify any areas of improvement
  • Providing step-by-step solutions for the common explain, long response,
    and working scientifically questions seen in all physics papers so that
    they can ace their exams
  • Linking syllabus content with real world applications and examples

Of course my services also extend past lesson times for my students, and
I’m always willing to answer any homework questions or give general tips
about exam techniques/resources (which are often overlooked, but
equally vital towards performing well!) throughout the week to further
consolidate my student’s learning.