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Bob Chen: State Rank Private Tutor for one on one HSC Coaching
Meet our Physics tutor Bob Chen:
State Rank Physics New Syllabus
99.85 ATAR
1st in James Ruse Physics


Bob Chen: State Rank Private Tutor for one on one HSC Coaching

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Despite being new, we’re already achieving extreme results.

Congratulations to our 2020 student Eric V. (James Ruse) who scored:

  • 95 Physics
  • 95 Chemistry

Who Are We?

We are a HSC Physics and Chemistry tutoring college made by state rankers. For private tutoring.

We get it.

You lose too many marks on silly mistakes. On ‘Explain’ questions. On Prac Exams. On Validity. On long response. On really easy questions that we didn’t get time to finish. You feel disappointed and mum’s nagging again.

We understand. As state rankers, we’ve been through it and feel the pain. But no matter how hard you try, you just never seem to get them right.

What if… it’s a problem with the approach?

At tutorgum, we’ve developed a proprietary techniques (scroll down for more info) that break these mystical things into concrete steps. It makes learning less painful (no memorisation!) and you can feel confident that you will get 4/4 in Exam Questions, because you can rely on concrete strategy.

We select the very best James Ruse students and teach our methodology to them. We give them extremely rigorous homework and materials to teach with. The median ATAR of our tutors is 99.80

Our unique combination of one on one attention and state ranking insight that produces results no other tutoring center can produce.


Meet our tutor Richard Qian:
James Ruse Graduate
Doctor of Medicine Student
99.00 ATAR


Trusted by Students in Top Schools

James Ruse


Sydney Grammar

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Our Courses


This time, you'll actually understand it


Explanations that actually make sense unlike at school

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Why Us?


Materials written by State Rankers

State rankers know the content better than most teachers. Thus, our content is the most in-depth in Sydney. But, we break it down into digestible chunks.

When we do this, something magical happens.

Students begin to “get it”. When it all clicks and it’s all so intuitive. Our students tell us “it makes sense unlike at school”.

The best part about this is you don’t have to memorise anything anymore! Your marks will improve (so your parents might finally stop nagging) all without the pain of memorising textbooks.



We teach techniques for “Explain” questions

You tremble as you flip through the marks. It’s a massacre. 1/5 for the Explain question. Maybe 2/8 for the extended response.

You know all the content but you can’t get marks for it.

We went through the same thing. The marking feels random –  if only I could given a concrete strategy to tackle these questions.

We’ve come up with a proven technique (The Why Method) for these questions that our founder used to state rank. It’s integrated into our course so you too can tackle these questions with confidence.


We Have a Method to Achieve Excellence

Most coaching colleges/private tutors do not formulate a teaching methodology. Lessons just dump information – most of which is forgotten when you leave (meaning doing your homework is really hard).

At tutorgum, our founder formulated a method of learning: mental effort (supported by research of course). This method of learning was his key to state ranking Physics.

Our mental effort method helps you systematically and consistently achieve the level of understanding needed to ace exams. Know with certainty that you have unbeatable knowledge walking into your exams.


Our Median Tutor ATAR is 99.80 and they’re all yours

We only hire the best of the best. That’s why our median tutor ATAR is 99.80 and all from James Ruse, the top school in the state.

Only learn from the best. Anything less would mean you could be learning wrong or inefficient methods. Our tutors know the most tricky concepts well and will make sure you can learn in-depth without having to cram or memorise.

Because it’s private tutoring, our tutors customise your learning experience, go at your pace and lets you ask any question, without embarrassment. It all stays between you and your tutor.

With our training, our tutors not only know how to teach well and provide exam strategies. They’ve been taught how to care for you as an individual.


Assessment Preparation and Analysis

Our private tutors will give you practice exams to determine improvement areas. How? Tutors are trained in how to analyse exams for which topics most marks are lost on and where the most time is spent.

For depth studies and assignments, tutors can help plan and proofread your work.

This helps remove the most problematic areas where you lose the most marks so you can get the ATAR you want.


ATAR Counselling


Our ATAR counselors will help you realistically gauge your ATAR and give ways to improve it. 

We’ll help to see if you’re on track to meeting your goal or getting into that course to help reduce uncertainty and anxiety of that into the future.

Our Method

Don’t leave your marks up to chance

In 2017, when Bob Chen was in Yr 10 Science, he wasn’t going so well. He got 32/60 for his science exam and was ranking in the bottom 25% of his cohort. He didn’t like science either – it was full of memorisation, it didn’t make sense and it was very boring. Just another subject to slug through.

Yet he was determined to change his fate in Yr 11 and 12 of having terrible marks in Science. He began questioning the content more – wondering why is this true? He dug deeper into the meaning behind concepts and equations and began linking them to the real world. He also finally cracked the secret to answering “Explain” questions, long response and Accuracy/Validity/Reliability questions.

In just 3 terms, at the end of Year 11, he was first in Physics at James Ruse. He kept this lead into Yr 12 whilst also becoming Top 5 in Chemistry at James Ruse by the end of Year 12 exams. Most importantly, the process wasn’t painful. It didn’t involve hours of eating textbooks and forcing himself to study (although he did still check the fridge every 10 minutes). Study was driven by a natural curiosity to learn more.

In 2020, he consolidated his learning methodology into something anyone could use and help them also achieve fantastic results.

What is Mental Effort?

Science will contradict your intuition. Mental effort is about exerting your brain to make sense of the new material and seeing how it fits into your intuition. Most students when they come across a tricky concept just accept it. Advanced students do not. They question it until they can see how it fits in with their current framework of understanding.

Most students do not do this, because it can be really painful to think this deeply. However, this produces the understanding demanded by the new syllabus to achieve anything more than average marks.

We implement this into all our materials. Our mental effort method helps you systematically  achieve the depth of understanding needed to ace exams. Know with certainty that you have unbeatable knowledge walking into your exams to get excellent marks.


Year 11

Critical HSC Preperation
$ 65 per hour
  • State Ranking Materials
  • Private tutoring
  • Explain questions + Long response techniques
  • Exam + Depth Study Preparation
  • Risk - free 1st lesson. If you don't like it - don't pay. *

Year 12

Win the HSC
$ 75 per hour
  • State Ranking Materials
  • Private tutoring
  • Explain questions + Long response techniques
  • Exam + Depth Study Preparation
  • Risk-free 1st lesson. If you don't like it - don't pay.

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Still got more questions? That’s normal! Let us answer those here:

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Our team consists of HSC Coaching/Private Tutoring specialists all of which are high achievers and many are state rankers

Our Team

Our core resource team consists of extremely high achievers who know just how frustrating it is to lose marks where you shouldn’t. That’s why we wanted to share our knowledge with you through tutoring.

All our private tutors are high achievers that have been through a rigorous selection, interview and subsequent training process to maximise the quality of education.