Nathan Nguyen James Ruse

Nathan Nguyen

  • 99.70 ATAR
  • State Rank Mark
  • 97 in Chemistry
  • UNSW Medicine
  • 4th in James Ruse Chemistry


  • 2021 James Ruse Graduate
  • Chemistry State Rank Mark
  • 99.70 ATAR
  • Chemistry: 97 (4th in James Ruse by HSC Mark)
  • Physics: 93 (rank 34th)
  • English: 96
  • Maths Extension 1: 98
  • Maths Extension 2: 97

About Me

Hello, I’m Nathan! I graduated in 2021 from James Ruse AHS, with a state rank equivalent mark in Chemistry (97) and I’m currently studying Medicine at UNSW.

But I know the HSC is not always smooth – for myself too!

In year 11, my chemistry rank was only 65. It was difficult to consistently get high marks and the teachers would always take marks for stupid reasons, especially “Explain” questions. Chemistry concepts just didn’t click or stick – it was always a chore to memorise so many random concepts before the exam. It was discouraging – I just didn’t seem to get chemistry. I just wanted to a high 90 in chemistry.

So how did I turn this into a state rank level mark?

Beyond just hard work, I changed the way I understood the content. I worked to understand each concept from the ground up. It reflects in the way I teach. I thoroughly explain. That means no more getting told “just because”! In my lessons, I delve into the “why” behind the content so you can confidently answer HSC-style questions with the bonus help of my own tips and tricks.

By partnering with a state ranker in Physics, I also provide many HSC style questions every week in the homework. This gives you the chance to apply what you have learnt to exam-styled questions – constantly giving you practice for HSC. I’ll also be reading over it to help you achieve 4/4 every time!

Finally, I’ll spend as much 1-1 time with you as you need. I understand that you may need extra help in some areas – and I’m happy to spend as much time with you after class as you need. Also, it’s free to ask me questions outside of class time! I’m here to support your learning! I can also help review your assignments and give advice/past papers before your exams.

I’ll always do my best for you and teach with engaging enthusiasm to provide you the support you need to ace your exams and assignments.

My classes times are:

  • Wednesday 7-9PM for Year 11 Chemistry
  • Monday 7-9PM for Year 12 Chemistry