Orlando Su

  • 1st in Physics Exam at Sydney Grammar
  • 99.70 ATAR
  • 97 in Physics
  • 99 in Ext 1 Maths
  • 3rd in Ext 1 and Ext 2 Maths


  • Sydney Grammar Graduate
  • 99.70 ATAR
  • Chemistry: 96 (Rank 9th)
  • Physics: 97 (Rank 1st in Examination)
  • Maths Extension 1: 99 (Rank 3rd)
  • Maths Extension 2: 96 (Rank 3rd)

About Me

Hey, I’m Orlando and I graduated from Sydney Grammar in 2023 with an ATAR of 99.70 and an HSC mark of 97 in Physics, and 96 in Chemistry. Yet only 2 years before I graduated, I had scored in the bottom half of my cohort in the Year 10 annual exams for Science. I was trying my best to listen in class, but those important concepts just didn’t seem to click no matter how much I studied.

So how did I suddenly become ‘good’ at Science? 

My secret to success lies not just in hard work, but mainly through developing a deep understanding of the content rather than simply applying formulas. I know firsthand how frustrating it can be when things don’t click immediately, but I’ve learned that with the right guidance, anyone can overcome those challenges. 

I believe in teaching with intuition, breaking down complex concepts into simpler, digestible ideas. I want to share the strategies and insights that helped me grasp Physics, which ultimately transformed learning it into something I actually looked forward to rather than a massive pain in the ass. I can also help you to learn just how to hit those key points in difficult ‘Explain’ questions.

Furthermore, my ‘never leave a student behind’ policy reflects my commitment to your success. If you find yourself struggling to grasp an idea  during our class time, I’m more than willing to dedicate extra time outside of class to ensure you not only understand it but excel at it, whether that be answering a question you text me, or after class, stepping you through a concept you didn’t quite understand.

I’m looking forward to guiding you through your Physics journey, and I guarantee I will push you to heights that you didn’t think possible.