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Peter Chen

  • Maths State Rank (6th in NSW)
  • 100/100 in Maths Advanced
  • 1st in Normanhurst Boys (Dux)
  • 99.75


  • State Rank: 6th in NSW Maths Advanced
  • 1st in Normanhurst Boys Maths
  • 99.75 ATAR
  • Maths Advanced: 100
  • Maths Extension: 96
  • Chemistry: 97
  • Physics: 96

About Me

Hey there, I’m Peter Chen. In 2022, I graduated as the Dux of Normanhurst Boys with an ATAR of 99.75 and a state ranking of 6th in Mathematics Advanced. This year, I will be studying Actuarial Studies and Advanced Maths at UNSW.

Let me tell you a story though. In my Year 8 yearly assessments, I scored a devastating 55% and 37% in Maths and Science, which probably placed me in the latter 30 ranks of my grade. However, in year 12, I managed to turn that all around, where I ranked 1st in Mathematics Advanced and Extension 1 and 2nd in Chemistry.

I know; that might seem a little bit unreal. However, by my personal experience, I believe that anyone can make significant improvements with the right guidance. 

Chasing understanding

I aim to make sure every concept is understood from their roots. This builds essential foundational knowledge which allows to you appreciate more complex ideas.


Assistance with anything, anytime, anywhere

Please feel free to contact me anytime for help regarding school homework, assignments, assessments and so on.


Not just textbook work

Apart from teaching content, I will also provide exam tricks so that you can maximise your time efficiency during difficult assessments.