Sophia Yang

  • Dux of Meriden Yr 12
  • Dux of Meriden Yr 11
  • 99.80 ATAR
  • 1st in Chemistry Exam
  • 1st in Economics
  • 1st in Latin Extension 1
  • 99.80 ATAR


  • Dux of Meriden Year 12
  • Dux of Meriden Year 11
  • Chemistry: 92 (Rank 1st in Exam)
  • Maths Advanced: 99
  • Maths Ext 1: 96 (Rank 1st in Exam)
  • Economics: 94 (Rank 1st)
  • Latin Ext 1: 94 (Rank 1st)
  • English: 97 (Rank 2nd)
  • 99.80 ATAR

About Me

In 2023 and 2022, I came out on top, as dux of year 12 and year 11 respectively. Before that, I was nothing special. I was rank 30th in my Term 1 Ext 1 Maths Exam. But by Term 3 I was 1st.

But how did I pull that off? How did I go from AVERAGE to AMAZING?? 

1ST SECRET: confidence. Even if you walk into an exam on minimal practice and even less sleep, even if you have to sit your HSC in the middle of a hurricane—you have to be confident you could explain (on paper) any random topic you draw out of a hat. ESPECIALLY the small dot points you think don’t matter in the slightest. 

2ND SECRET: mindset. Do you want to finish off high school as a minor flop? NO. You want to finish as an academic weapon. You want to be the greatest they’ve ever seen. In the days leading up to your exam, if you don’t think you’re the best, study until you do. With time, you won’t just be thinking it. You’ll be living it.