Eunice Huang

  • 99.85 ATAR
  • 1st in Maths Ext 2 – North Sydney Girls
  • 1st in Maths Ext 1
  • 2nd in Chemistry (95%)
  • 3rd in Physics (94%)


  • North Sydney Girls Graduate
  • 99.85 ATAR
  • Chemistry: 95 (Rank 2nd)
  • Physics: 94 (Rank 3rd)
  • Maths Extension 1: 99 (Rank 1st)
  • Maths Extension 2: 96 (Rank 1st)

About Me

I still remember the shock I felt when I opened my report.
Afterall, this was coming from someone who was a reserve 32 for North Sydney Girls High School, who always sat in the audience seats during Presentation Day watching others receive awards, envious of their talents and results. Particularly, the sense of dread that I can never be good enough followed me through the first few terms of year 11 and 12, when my ranks were never in the top 5.

You can imagine my delight when I saw that I came 2nd and 3rd for  Chemistry and Physics respectively. 

Hi, I’m Eunice Huang – currently studying Dentistry at University of Melbourne.

How did I improve so much?

Well for a start, I didn’t give up. Task after task, I focused on what I can improve on, constantly learning knowledge and content and exam techniques. And percentage by percentage, my marks improved.

How can I help you?

As a past high school student, I understand the challenges that comes with wanting to do well. Hence, I can give advice and tips, from the little tricks in exam questions as well as wellbeing tips, to help you navigate the difficulties of HSC. To do well, you’ll need an in-depth and solid understanding of the content, which I’ll give you with concepts and questions explained thoroughly and in detail. You can also ask me questions anytime throughout the day, either through email, text or after class, which I’ll answer and explain until you’ve gotten it.

It’s very important that your learning is supplemented by an enthusiastic teacher, one who pushes you to your best. That’s who I will be for you as someone who understands the importance of year 12. In my classes, as opposed to mindless note copying, there will be active engagement with outside-the-box questions that reinforces your conceptual understanding as well as your exam techniques.