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Mustafa KhanSydney Grammar 202399.95 ATAR | Read more
Aiden NajiGirraween 2024Chemistry State Rank - 19th in NSW
Caden WuJames Ruse 20251st in Y11 Maths Adv Exam
Rahul RidlingSydney Grammar 20241st in Physics
Rahul RidlingSydney Grammar 2024100% in Year 12 Physics Exam
Minha LeeJames Ruse 2022Chemistry State Rank - 19th in NSW
Minha LeeJames Ruse 202299.90 ATAR
Michelle OhMeriden 20211st in Physics [2]
Kirsten ChuMeriden 2022Improved from 56% to 91%. Read more
Jade YangMeriden 2021Improved from 49% to 91%. Read more
Rei LohNormanhurst Boys 2023Improved from 79% to 94%. Read more

Kirsten Chu went from 56% to 91%

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Our Success Stories

Jade Yang went from 49% to 91%

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Jade Yang: 49% to 91% in Chemistry

I came to Bob for help in Term 2 of Year 11. Lessons were monotonous – and it wasn’t enough to teach complex concepts. School felt like it was just reading the textbook and working through repetitive questions.

By the end of year 11, I only got 49% in Chemistry.

Then I found Bob. Bob was able to explain complex concepts and questions in chemistry and math in the most straightforward and intuitive way. He has a talent for breaking down every concept into digestible pieces.

Most importantly, Bob was very generous with his time. He answered my questions even outside of class.

It was due to all this that I managed to get a 91% in my final HSC exam. Thank you so much!


What our students have to say

Peter Papanikolaou
Inaburra School
Read More
I have had Bob as a tutor for about 2 years now, very helpful over my HSC journey. He has helped me in both maths (3u/4u) and Physics, very knowledgeable in both areas. Makes hard concepts easier to understand. Supportive tutor creating individualised lessons, where our lessons are targeted to my weakest areas.
Vincent Le
James Ruse
Read More
Bob is an amazing Chemistry tutor. His classes are extremely engaging and he does in-depth explanations and super analogies of chemistry concepts. I joined during his HSC prep, post-trial, where Bob explored harder questions and concepts of each module by week, followed by his own exam and reviews, which was extremely helpful. He was extremely prompt to answering questions over text/email and reviewing any school papers I did as part of personal revision, which helped a lot. I would definitely recommend his tutoring.
Kian Sadafi
Castle Hill High School
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Wow, really good tutors that thoroughly go through all the content you need to know to succeed in the HSC. I wish i was exposed to them before to really benefit from their teaching. Johnny himself is a great tutor who goes above and beyond to explain concepts so as to ensure that you fully understand the concept. He uses great and relatable analogies to explain complex concepts. As well as how the HW questions are similar to past hsc questions where Bob thoroughly and explicitly teaches the answers so you can understand how to approach and answer such questions. I even recommended Bob and Johnny to my friend, and low and behold, they dropped matrix to come join, i'm telling you, don't miss this opportunity. Genuinely underrated
Jedh Curtis
Oxford Falls Grammar School
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Bob has been such a helpful tutor - He takes pride in ensuring we're never left short of resources! He makes the physics content really enjoyable, especially with all the different analogies he gives us to explain tricky concepts!!!I've really appreciated all the help - Highly recommend!
James Blisset
Oxley College
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Bob was a fantastic physics tutor, making concepts that I though alien incredibly easy to understand and enjoyable to learn.
Senara Atapattu
Newcastle Grammar
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His method of teaching is really good and interesting. He always goes into depth! Definitely recommend 🙂
Devinn Chuan
Read More
Bob and Nathan made everything super clear and simple to understand and were quick and responsive when answering questions in and after classes. Definitely recommend and made chemistry a lot easier for me.
Nitya Hegde
Read More
Bob is a really good tutor! He's very attentive to our questions and makes sure we all have a great understanding of the topics and content. Bob also used a lot of fun analogies and I've always felt confident in what we were learning in physics each time we ended the lesson. The homework also improved my understanding as it was challenging but after completing it, I felt my confidence build up even more as well. He's really understanding and chill, would def recommend!
Rawan Inaizi
Alpha Omega College
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Very good teaching and explanations. 10/10 highly recommend for chemistry and physics

Congratulations to our Class of 2023!


Orlando SuSydney Grammar97
Jaiden CheeReddam House95
Mustafa KhanSydney Grammar94 | Read more
Alice LiCastle Hill High School93
Luke MouwadSt Patrick's - Strathfield91
Angela Helal [1]St Ursula's College90
Shashwat ManishNorthern Beaches - Manly90+


Aiden NajiGirraween High SchoolState Rank - 19th in NSW
Aiden NajiGirraween High School99
Orlando SuSydney Grammar96
Angela Helal [1]St Ursula's College95
Mustafa KhanSydney Grammar95 | Read more
Kelly LinSt George Girls95
Jaiden CheeReddam House94
Rei LohNormanhurst Boys94 | Read more
Alice LiCastle Hill High School93
Joonseo YangCarlingford High School91
Helen LiuMeriden90+
Olivia NguyenJames Ruse90+
Nour HusseinAlpha Omega Senior College89


Mustafa KhanSydney Grammar99.95 | Read more
Rei LohNormanhurst Boys99.70 | Read more
Orlando SuSydney Grammar99.70
Helen LiuMeriden99.65
Kelly LinSt George Girls99.45
Angela Helal [1]St Ursula's College99.40
Alice LiCastle Hill High School99.15
Jaiden CheeReddam House98.75

Success Stories

Angela Helal [1]St Ursula's CollegeDux of St Ursula's College
Rei LohNormanhurst Boys 2023Improved from 79% to 94%. | Read more
Milla Zekovic [1]DomremyImproved Chem from 43% to 76%.
Improved Phys from 57% to 75%
Adrian DoverKnoxPredicted ATAR in Year 11 was 72.00.
Actual ATAR was 90.70

Rei Loh went from 79% to 94%

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Rei Loh: 79% to 94% in Chemistry

Bob has been, hands down, the best tutor I’ve had. His work ethic, his personalised care for his students, the lessons and homework structured on mastering weaknesses and facilitating growth – have helped me move from average in class to 94% in my HSC.

My internal rankings had started to dr op from 6th to 19th. I felt perplexed, asking “why my work ethic was not reciprocated in my results”. I had tried everything I used to – why wasn’t it working?

I felt out of control.

I stumbled across a demo video of Bob teaching “Volhards Method of Precipitation Titration.” His diagrams and visual cues made the logical reasoning much easier to digest. He simplified a complicated topic into child’s play.

Congratulations to our Class of 2022!


Jonathan ChandlerScots College95
Charlie BishopSydney Grammar94
Abdullah SyedHomebush Boys92
Jedh CurtisOxford Falls Grammar School92
Jonathan TianNorth Sydney Boys92
Lilin ZhuJames Ruse92
Timothy LamSydney Secondary College91


Minha LeeJames RuseChemistry State Rank
Minha LeeJames Ruse98
Vincent LeJames Ruse95
Jonathan ChandlerScots College93
Lilin ZhuJames Ruse93
Byungjun KimJames Ruse93
Timothy LamSydney Secondary College92
Mackley StalkerSydney Grammar92
Charlie BishopSydney Grammar91
Kirsten ChuMeriden91
Abdullah SyedHomebush Boys90


Minha LeeJames Ruse99.90
Byungjun KimJames Ruse99.75
Mackley StalkerSydney Grammar99.75
Vincent LeJames Ruse99.55
Jonathan ChandlerScots College99.20
Jonathan TianNorth Sydney Boys99.00
Jedh CurtisOxford Falls Grammar School98.85

Jedh Curtis: Dux of Oxford Falls

Class of 2022 | Dux of Oxford Falls Grammar School | 92 in Physics | 98.85 ATAR

Bob has been such a helpful tutor – He takes pride in ensuring we’re never left short of resources! He makes the physics content really enjoyable, especially with all the different analogies he gives us to explain tricky concepts!!!

I’ve really appreciated all the help – Highly recommend!

Congratulations to our Class of 2021!


Sathmi RanasingheJames Ruse97
Joshua TalebSydney Grammar97
Johnny TranJames Ruse96
Michelle OhMeriden96
James BlissettOxley College91


Johnny TranJames Ruse96
Sathmi RanasingheJames Ruse94
Jade YangMeriden91
Joshua TalebSydney Grammar90


Sathmi RanasingheJames Ruse99.75
Johnny TranJames Ruse99.5

Congratulations to our Class of 2020!


Eric VuongJames Ruse94
Eric VuongJames Ruse75% in Trials to 94%


Eric VuongJames Ruse94


Eric VuongJames Ruse99.65

[1] Name has been changed for privacy reasons, but results and school are 100% accurate.

[2] Assistance limited to Year 11 Physics Depth Study