Frequently Asked Questions

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We do not have a centralised office open to the public. As we only operate boutique private tutoring, our tutors come to you or a library so we have no need for an office. This allows us to serve all of Sydney.

We produce materials, such as homework and teaching materials (depending on the class requested) made by state rankers.

This is then given to our private tutors who tutor your child. These are all high achievers but may not be state rankers.

Finally, the company also provides other useful resources such as assessment preparation and ATAR consultancy.

The lessons can occur where ever you like! It could be in a library, a cafe, at your home or at the tutor’s home.

We especially encourage online lessons. It’s a fantastic way to save your precious time in your busy HSC year to do some more study instead of bumping around in peak hour traffic. It’s also much safer for our tutors and you, given the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our lessons are not like normal online lessons. All tutors are trained before being able to do online lessons. They are also given special drawing tablets meaning an amazing whiteboard experience that’s often better than in person!

At launch we will only offer Physics and Chemistry as a way to make reduce how far we spread our resources. This ensures we deliver really effective tutoring. However, we do have plans to incorporate Maths (Advanced, Extension 1, Extension 2) soon!

Payment will be through bank transfer. More payment details will be sent when you have signed up.

Unfortunately, given our geographical scale, cash payments are not possible.

Yes, the first lesson is free if you do not like that tutor. If so, please contact us. Otherwise it is charged at the normal rate.

Note, please mention your desire to do a trial lesson to your tutor before the trial lesson.

In the unfortunate case that our tutor does not click with your child, we will investigate the matter. We will also allow you to change tutors to another one of our available tutors.

We can’t wait to see you! You can apply by clicking here. After that we also have a gentle interview (but don’t worry we promise we’re nice people!)

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