Grace Yang

  • North Sydney Girls
  • 1st in Chemistry Exam (3rd Overall)
  • 3rd in Physics Exam
  • 3rd in Maths Ext 1
  • 99.60 ATAR


  • North Sydney Graduate
  • 99.60 ATAR
  • Chemistry:  94 (Rank 3rd overall – 1st in Exam)
  • Physics: 93 (Rank 6th Overall – 3rd in Exam)
  • Maths Extension 1: 98 (Rank 3rd – 100% in Exam)
  • Maths Extension 2:  96 (Rank 8th)

About Me

I had a bad feeling simmering at the bottom of my gut.

My teacher moved slowly from table to table, handing out the yearly test papers face down.

It would just be another reflection of the same below-average marks I had consistently scored throughout the year.

Huh. That’s weird. It was kind of high.

Since that day, I went from being a below-average student with a result of a 77 Year 11 to a 87 in Year 12. I had ranked first, only losing one mark in the first year 12 chemistry exam, a far improvement from the consistent 70% before. Graduating from North Sydney Girls in 2023, I ranked internally 3rd in Chemistry (87), 6th in Physics (87), 3rd in Mathematics Extension 1 (100), 8th in Mathematics Extension 2 (78) and 38th (81) in English Advanced, with an ATAR of 99.60. I’m currently studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UNSW.

I had always thought that Chemistry was so picky with its marking, where in fact I just had never sat down properly to learn about the right setting out method. Through reconstructing my understanding of fundamental concepts and constant effective practice, I transformed my marks.

How can I help?

Using my personal experience with learning and struggling through these subjects, I will guarantee that each student is able to fully master the fundamental concepts and understanding through detailed explanations and personalised help. This includes out-of-lesson support, where I am always available for additional questions or marking queries.

I will teach you important exam skills and tips, such as how to properly structure long responses to hit all the keywords and points using a point mark analysis, allowing for maximum marks even under the notoriously picky science marking criteria.

My classes will not consist of trying to stay awake behind a screen; I will make sure everyone is committed to the lesson and engaged throughout with constant question communication.