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Our Method for Success

1. Private Tutoring


One on one tuition gives you the opportunity to feel comfortable to ask questions that classes cannot provide which drastically enhances learning.

Let your learning be tailored to exactly your speed and style rather than the average student’s.

2. Mental Effort Method


The mental effort model was used by our founder himself to achieve a state rank.

The first step to success is to understand the content. Not know, but understand the content.

What’s the difference? Understanding involves mental effort. It means going several layers deep and asking why something is the way it is.

Sound tough? Don’t worry, we incorporate mental effort as a foundational philosophy in our materials and tutor training.

3. Assessment Preparation


Once you’ve mastered the content, you need exam skills. No matter how much you know, if expressed poorly, it’ll get a bad mark. For example, Einstein might fail a Spanish Physics test because he can’t write Spanish despite knowing physics.

We’re going to teach you how to write and structure answers to ace 8/9 markers. How to answer Accuracy, Validity, Reliability questions. How to get full marks in “Explain” questions.

We’ll also provide practice exams when exams are coming up, and your tutors will analyse for your weak spots. They can also help out in improving and proof reading your depth study.


The physics syllabus, revamped in 2018, now has a heavy conceptual focus on understanding which means you need the best HSC tutors to do well.

In Year 11, there is a heavy focus on Classical Physics. Students learn about how and why things move, sound and light as waves, thermodynamics (how heat moves) and basic electromagnetism.

In Year 12, the first half covers advanced classical physics and then modern physics. Students are introduced to the discovery of the true nature of light, the atom and the Big Bang.

In depth understanding is no longer just optional for a Band 6, it’s mandatory. Unfortunately, many teachers and HSC tutors still stick with an old syllabus mindset of just surface level knowledge. This is not going to get you the marks you want.

Our HSC tutors give students the understanding NESA wants. We take students through the intricacies of concepts and formulas which is the only way to allow for good marks.

A new syllabus element is the depth study where students are required to perform an investigation. This can be very challenging for students. Our HSC tutors can help with planning and checking your assignment.

A note on course timings

Below you will find the typical course timings we have for our classes. Please note that these are incredibly flexible since it is private tutoring.

Yr 11 Course Structure

1. Kinematics


Term 4

Students learn about how things move and how to better describe motion with new tools. Formulas are introduced to allow one to predict motion.


2. Dynamics


Term 1

Now you know how things move, its time to think about WHY they move. Forces are introduced to understand why things accelerate in various examples.

3. Waves and Thermo


Term 1-2

Students are introduced to sound and light as waves. They will investigate how the waves propagate and interact with matter.

In the final part of the module, students learn about heat, and how it moves.

4. Electricity and Magnetism


Term 2

Students learn about what electricity is and how it flows in circuits.

Students also learn about how magnets work and how electricity can create magnets!

Yr 12 Course Outline

5. Advanced Mechanics


Term 3

Thought Yr 11 was the end of motion? Students go through conceptually harder cases of motion including: projectile motion and circular motion.

Students apply this knowledge to space later on.

6. Electro-magnetism


Term 4

Thought Yr 11 was the end of electricity too? Students investigate the intricate relationship between electricity and magnetism.

This is applied to real world applications like motors, generators and transformers.

7. Nature of Light


Term 1

Students investigate the true nature of light as both a wave and a particle. Students look through the evidence that was used to come to this conclusion.

You’ll also get to understand Einstein’s crazy special relativity and how time and length changes.

8. Atom to Universe


Term 2

Students examine the many experiments that lead to the evolution of the model of the atom.

You’ll also investigate Stars and Astrophysics, the Big Bang, Space.

9. Exam Program

Term 3

The home stretch. Students are given materials and mock tests to revise for their HSC’s with. Revision of tricky concepts will be done in class and the student’s weaknesses will be pointed out and honed to make sure they do well in their final HSC.
By this time, students who have been with us for several terms will already be sharp and be focused on regular revision to prevent the blade getting dull. Any holes or gaps in knowledge will be addressed and filled in.

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