Key Resource Team

Bob Chen

Head of Physics and Chemistry State Rank Physics 2019 1st in Ruse Phys.

Bob is a James Ruse graduate who came out with amazing HSC results. He started private tutoring afterwards and now has extensive tutoring experience. He started tutorgum in 2020 to bring his knowledge in cracking hard Physics and Chemistry exams questions to even more students.He emphasises the importance of mental effort in learning and incorporates this into his materials.

Richard Qian

Consultant James Ruse Medicine Student

Richard Qian is a James Ruse graduate who graduated in 2019 with great HSC results. He joined Tutorgum afterwards to further share his knowledge of the HSC subjects and the ideal ways to breakdown and answer exam questions.He approaches teaching using the conceptual learning model, focussing more on understanding the concepts, allowing a longer retention of the syllabus and the development of critical thinking skills

Our Marvelous Tutors

Yoonji Kim (Booked out)

Top 15 James Ruse Chemistry

As someone who found science really difficult as an international transfer in year 9, I can understand how challenging and daunting Chemistry can be.What’s more, science has become even more intimidating with the advent of the new syllabuses. But as someone who has had to analyse and study for the new syllabus, I’ll be able to help you navigate through these changes so you can achieve your best.
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Eric Chen (Booked out)

2nd in James Ruse Physics 99.65

I graduated from James Ruse , coming 2nd in Physics and 19th in Chemistry in my trial exams. From there, I finished my HSC with an ATAR of 99.65.Using my own knowledge and experience which I have carefully curated throughout the last 6 years, as well as resources specifically created to streamline your learning, I want to personally help you achieve success in the sciences through emphasis in a solid understanding of the fundamentals.
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Danny Luo (Booked out)

99.70 14th in Ruse Physics 100 in 4U Exam

I graduated from James Ruse in 2020 with a 99.70 ATAR, placing Top 15 in physics at James Ruse, getting 99 in 3U maths and achieving 100 in my 4U maths externals.Every physics lesson of mine is personalised to each student's needs, where I place emphasis on weaker areas of learning through providing relevant past paper questions and linking theoretical knowledge with real-world applications to my students.
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