Bob Chen

Founder State Rank Physics 2019 1st in James Ruse Phys 3rd in James Ruse Chem

Bob is a James Ruse graduate who came out with amazing HSC results. He started private tutoring afterwards and now has extensive tutoring experience. He started tutorgum in 2020 to bring his knowledge in cracking hard Physics and Chemistry exams questions to even more students.He emphasises the importance of mental effort in learning and incorporates this into his materials.
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Eunice Huang

1st in North Sydney Girls Maths Ext 1 1st in North Sydney Girls Maths Ext 2 2nd in North Sydney Girls Chemistry 99.85 ATAR

I still remember the shock I felt when I opened my report.Afterall, this was coming from someone who was a reserve 32 for North Sydney Girls High School, who always sat in the audience seats during Presentation Day watching others receive awards, envious of their talents and results. Particularly, the sense of dread that I can never be good enough followed me through the first few terms of year 11 and 12, when my ranks were never in the top 5.You can imagine my delight when I saw that I came 2nd and 3rd for Chemistry and Physics respectively.
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Sunny Lee

Dux of Meriden 1st in Meriden Ext 2 Maths 1st in Meriden Ext 1 Maths 1st in Meriden Physics 2nd in Meriden Chemistry 99.90 ATAR

My vision blurred with tears the longer I stared at my double digit ranking.That afternoon I spent hours sobbing into my mother’s arms before I could even find a hint of courage to tell her my score. I was too scared to face the anger and disappointment that would replace the expectant look on her face.he next exam, the trials, I placed 2nd. Although overall, I only placed 4th in Chemistry, I had the highest raw HSC Chemistry score in my school. Sleep-deprived at 5am in Korea, my whole family cheered in celebration.
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Grace Yang

1st in Chemistry Exam (3rd Overall) 3rd in Physics Exam North Sydney Girls 99.60 ATAR

I had a bad feeling simmering at the bottom of my gut.My teacher moved slowly from table to table, handing out the yearly test papers face down.It would just be another below-average mark.Huh. That’s weird.Since that day, I went from being a below-average student with a result of a 77 Year 11 to a 94 in Year 12. I had ranked first, only losing one mark in the first year 12 chemistry exam.
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Mustafa Khan

1st in Chemistry (95) 94 in Physics Dux of Sydney Grammar 99.95 ATAR

Maths and science were never my strongest suits. Time after time, exam after exam, I would make silly mistakes, which all added up to cost me many marks in exams. I hated seeing “NO!” and “Careless” written all over my exam scripts in bright red ink. I never got a HD grade in maths in Years 7, 8 and 9.Fast-forward to my HSC year, and I managed to achieve top bands in all my maths and science subjects, and an ATAR of 99.95. I’m now studying the Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Medicine at the University of Sydney – a degree that seemed out of my reach just a couple of years ago.
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Sandra He

1st in Meriden Ext 1 Maths 1st in Meriden Ext 2 Maths 1st in Meriden Chemistry 99.80 ATAR

I graduated from Meriden in 2022, finishing Year 12 ranked 1st at school for Chemistry, Maths Extension 1 and Maths Extension 2. I achieved a 99.8 ATAR with marks of 96 in Chemistry and Maths Extension 2, and 97 in Maths Extension 1.I improved my marks a lot by slowing down, forcing myself to precisely think about how each step or conclusion was connected to the previous one. I strive to teach in the same way, helping you to pinpoint those gaps and fill them in to make sure each concept is solidified.
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Andersen Lau

1st in Sydney Boys Chemistry 1st in Sydney Boys Physics 2nd in Sydney Boys Maths Ext 1 99.80 ATAR

Hi, I’m Andersen. I graduated from Sydney Boys in 2023 and am now studying Medicine at UNSW. After receiving the worst marks I’d ever gotten in my Prelim Chem Half-Yearly, I thought that my luck had run out - that my natural talent would only take me so far and I wasn’t really that smart. But I knew that wasn’t true, and that something had to change - and it did. I finished the HSC with an ATAR of 99.80, ranking 4th in SBHS Chemistry with a 97 in the HSC.
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Geoffrey Yang

James Ruse 97 in Chemistry (State Rank Mark) 1st in Science Ext 97 in Maths Ext 1

In year 10, science felt like a cruel joke. Chemistry and physics, in particular, were my kryptonite. The big fat zero on my yearly exam for the physics section (and a mark pretty close to that in the chemistry section) was a glaring sign that I was way out of my element.Miraculously, when Year 12 results rolled in, I found myself in the top 20% for chemistry. That big fat zero? Just a distant memory in the rearview mirror of my science journey.
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Jaiden Chee

1st in Ext 1 Maths (99) 3rd in Ext 2 Maths (95) 5th in Physics (95) Reddam House ( Scholarship)

Hi, I’m Jaiden. I have recently graduated in 2023 from Reddam House where I was on an Academic Scholarship. I finished my studies with an internal rank of 5th in Chemistry, 5th in Physics, 1st in Extension 1 Maths and 3rd in Extension 2 Maths. I am an aspiring Engineer and plan to study Engineering at UNSW.
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Janet Chow

4th in Physics (94) 10th in Chemistry (92) North Sydney Girls 99.45 ATAR

Year 11 Physics was a completely new experience to me, revealing new concepts which seemed daunting and challenging.During exams, I would panic, seeing the page filled with phrases and concepts like forces and electromagnetism which still felt foreign after terms of learning.After each exam, I would come back with a mark I wasn’t satisfied with, feeling disappointed about the errors I made.
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Austin Markwick

1st in Physics 1st in Maths Ext 1 and 2 Dux Proxime of Scots All Saints College 99.80 ATAR

At the end of Year 9, I really lacked direction.There were moments where I even considered leaving at the end of Year 10, getting a trade somewhere, and following the conventional path of a lot of kids I grew up with. You weren’t often celebrated for being a nerd, and any ATAR over 90 was considered an anomaly in my community (Bathurst).
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Johnny Tran

5th in James Ruse Physics 99.50

I graduated from James Ruse , coming 5th in Physics and 9th in Chemistry, with a ATAR of 99.50 and UCAT of 95th percentile. This has helped me get into USYD Med.I focus on developing a deep conceptual understanding for students. This is through carefully planned lessons and also 1-1 attention when I notice students struggling. I will improve your knowledge and exam technique and give you extra help if you need it. You can feel free to ask me any question, any time - including outside of class!
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Eric Qin

State Rank in 3U Maths (99) 98 in 4U Maths

“Hey weren’t you really dumb?”I entered Sydney Boys with a reserve placement of 34, and in year 9 I received an all time low ranking of 198/210. Most of my time was wasted playing video games, watching youtube and voice calling with friends.I finished the HSC with an atar of 99.85, finishing top 10 internally and achieved a state rank mark for chemistry, and received a state rank for mathematics extension 1.
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Jun Kim

99.65 Sydney Boys 6th in Ext 1 Maths

Hi, I’m Jun Kim. I graduated in 2022 from Sydney Boys High School with an ATAR of 99.65 and a UCAT score in the 95th percentile. In my school, I ranked top 10 for both Extension 1 and Extension 2 Mathematics. I am currently studying UNSW Medicine.However, in Year 9, I ranked 100th out of 208 people and when I told people that I would be in the top 40 the following year, they laughed and said it couldn’t be done. In Year 12, I ranked 6th in the Trial HSC.
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Jerry Yan

99.60 James Ruse 95 in Physics and Chemistry

Hey, I’m Jerry Yan, a 2021 James Ruse AHS graduate, with an ATAR of 99.60 and achieving a 95 in both Physics and Chemistry.I will be able to share with you the tips and tricks that I have accrued, whether it be concerning exam technique, offering a holistic explanation or summarising the key points to crafting a high scoring long response 6 or 7 mark HSC questions.
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Niklesh Anantha-Siva

James Ruse Graduate 1st in James Ruse Yr 11 Chemistry State Rank Mark in 3U Maths (99) 97 in 4U Maths

Hey, I’m Niklesh. I graduated from James Ruse Agriculture High School in 2021 and am currently studying actuarial studies and advanced mathematics in UNSW. I was 1st in James Ruse for Chemistry as well as achieving 100% in the Australasian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiad. But I wasn’t always doing well.I didn’t actually get into James Ruse on my first try, I only transferred to Ruse in year 9 from Penrith High School. I never understood the fundamentals of maths. Yet fast forward to the end of year 12, I’ve obtained a 99 and 97 for HSC maths extension 1 and extension 2 respectively.
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Frederick Lu

2nd in Ruse Extension 2 Maths 98 in Ext 2 Maths 98 in Ext 1 Maths

By the end of year eight, I was comfortably in the bottom 30% of my James Ruse cohort, with my low of lows coming via a 40% performance in a science exam. I wasn’t just breaking down academically; like many young high schoolers, I was foolishly killing valuable time with video games.But, as year nine rolled around, the tide began to turn. By the end of Year 12 I was 2nd in Ext 2 Maths and achieved a 99.85.
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Jonathan Tian

99.00 ATAR North Sydney Boys

My story is probably the same as you, dear reader. Once an unmotivated and underachieving student, I found myself at the mercy of poor grades during the beginning of my time as a senior (Yr11~), ranking in the bottom half of the grade for maths and bottom for physics.However, upon Yr12 and the HSC looming overhead, with the invaluable assistance I received not only from fellow peers and teachers, I was able to achieve the results I did in what little time I had left.
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